12 Week Nutrition

Probably the last nutrition program you will ever need to follow!

Sick of trying (and failing) to follow restrictive low calorie diets and meal plans? Stuck in a constant cycle of eating low calories Monday to Friday and then breaking out every weekend? Both of these are not conducive to long term success. Its time to break the habits of a life time and start seeing some long term results that you can actually maintain! No more low calorie diets! 

Our 12 week plan follows a flexible eating approach which basically means you can eat whatever you want so long as certain daily calorie & macro targets are hit. You can play around with your calories on a week to week basis depending on what you have on so you have more freedom to enjoy life and still get results. You will also have daily protein, carbohydrate and fat goals. You will be required to track your food using MyFitnessPal app (free to download and use).

Each week you will send your completed check in form, bodyweight and measurements to us, we will review it and give feedback.

You will receive weekly emails that will help you to understand more about some of the most common topics that come up when it comes to nutrition. These email will also help give you the tools to feel confident moving forward from the 12 week program that you are ready to maintain and build on the fantastic results you achieve. 

This is a game changer, so easy to follow and to stick to long term. The cost is €49.00 per month and you can sign up by clicking Subscribe button below. Once you have done this please email us on swingandspinrosslare@gmail.com and we will send you a short questionnaire & get you started! 

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